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Internet marketing - Link building

What are text links?

Text links are small excerpts of hightly optimised code that are placed on relevant websites, each text link is a direct link to your site. The search engines use the number and value of incoming links to site as a measure of your site popularity. In effect the higher the number of incoming and relevant links your site has the better. The use of one way text links is one of the most powerful ways for improving your page rank.

We provide 2 types of text link services, directory links and high value niche links. Directory text links are ideal for all websites, while niche text links are perfect for websites that operate in a highly competitive market. We do not use paid links, so Google will not blacklist or delist your site for using paid links, all links are natural, organic and specific.

Directory Links

Directory links are the 'bread & butter' of any link building program. They provide good value for money which allows you to keep costs down, however the benefit they bring cannot be underestimated.

Directory link are ideal for new websites, or as a SEO top up for established websites.

After you have purchased a text link package we will create a variation of one way texts that match your current site them and meta code. We will then start to submit the text links to relevant directories.

We will carry out a suitability review before payment is taken - this is so we can determine if the text link package is suitable for your website

We have worked with companies that build links for a number of other businesses, including those based in Namibia and further afield, in industries such as cargo shipping, travel, food, retail and plenty more.