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Welcome to Online Marketing

Internet marketing

This website is about internet marketing, SEO and other ways you can promote your business via the internet. Our mission is to help you increase your sales by spending your online marketing budget in a more clever way.

Online marketing can be the most cost effective way of selling but search engine optimization most businesses are failing to get the best value for money from their spend. We can help you get measurably better results.

Our Expertise

Our founders each have more than a decade of experience of online marketing working with big companies. Contracts have ranged from pay per click advertising management to strategic assignments but have always focused on hitting targets and increasing revenues.

Recent successes from the team have included reducing an employment agency's click fraud by half, helping a software company increase its Google Page Ranking by 400% and boosting traffic for an online learning company by optimizing the keywords on their website. All these customers can show a measurable sales benefit from our work.

Link building

Sooner or later anyone involved in online marketing is going to have to do some link building. Link building simply getting other sites to link to your site. In the SEO industry most people focus on link building for the search engines but of at least equal importance is the obvious fact that it will increase traffic simply by people following the links.